MPhil/PhD Research
Full-time study for the PhD degree entails three or a maximum of four years' independent research, culminating in the writing of a thesis of not more than 100,000 words. 

MA in Cultural and Intellectual History 1300 – 1650
The MA programme aims to equip students for interdisciplinary research in Medieval and Renaissance studies and in the reception of the classical tradition. Students will broaden their range of knowledge to include the historically informed interpretation of images and texts, art history, philosophy, history of science, literature, and the impact of religion on society. They will also improve their knowledge of Latin, French and Italian and will acquire the library and archival skills essential for research on primary texts.
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MA in Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture
The programme is offered jointly by the Warburg Institute and the National Gallery, London and aims to provide high level linguistic, archive and research skills for a new generation of academic art historians and museum curators. The art historical and scholarly traditions of the Warburg Institute are linked to the practical experience and skills of the National Gallery to provide training which will equip students either as academic art historians with serious insight into the behind the scenes working of a great museum or as curators with the research skills necessary for high-level museum work.
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Occasional Students
Students from abroad registered for higher degrees in their own country may enrol as Occasional Students to spend at least one term and no longer than one year at the Institute. For further information click here.