Leonardo da Vinci, 'The Burlington House Cartoon', c.1499-1500 © The National Gallery

Leonardo in Britain: Collections and Reception

25 - 27 May 2016


25 May - Evening lecture at Birkbeck, University of London

26 May - Day 1 of conference at the National Gallery

27 May - Day 2 of the conference at the Warburg Institute


Organisers: Juliana Barone (Birkbeck) and Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery)

Explore the important role and impact of Leonardo's paintings and drawings in key British private and public collections

With a focus on the reception of Leonardo in Britain, this conference will explore the important role and impact of Leonardo’s paintings and drawings in key British private and public collections; and also look at the broader British context of the reception of his art and science by addressing selected manuscripts and the first English editions of his Treatise on Painting, as well as historiographical approaches to Leonardo. The conference was initially conceived as a collaborative project with Romano Nanni, late director of the Biblioteca Leonardiana, and has developed into a wider collaboration between Birkbeck, the National Gallery and the Warburg Institute. This event has received support from the Biblioteca Leonardiana in Vinci, the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence, as well as the Paul Mellon Centre for British Art, the British Museum and the Leonardo da Vinci Society in London.

The conference will begin with a keynote lecture given by Professor Martin Kemp at Birkbeck on the evening of 25 May. It will continue over the following two days at the National Gallery and the Warburg Institute.


Registration details
To register and pay online for the conference via the National Gallery website please visit:http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/whats-on/calendar/leonardo-in-britain-collections-and-reception 



DAY 1: 25 MAY 2016 – BIRKBECK

Keynote Lecture

16:45 Registration

17:15 Welcome and Introduction: Juliana Barone (Birkbeck College) and Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery)

17:30 Martin Kemp (Oxford University) – ‘Spinning a Yarn or Two: Leonardo’s two matching Madonnas’

18:30 Q&A and drinks




10.00 Registration

10.30 Welcome and Introduction: Juliana Barone (Birkbeck) and Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery)

10.45 Panel 1: Drawings collections

10.45 Martin Clayton (Royal Collection, Windsor) – ‘The Windsor Leonardos after Arundel’

11.15 Jacqueline Thalmann (Christ Church Picture Gallery, Oxford) – ‘Leonardo in the collection of General John Guise (1682-1765)'

11.45 Hugo Chapman and Sarah Vowles (British Museum, London) – ‘Leonardo drawings in Bloomsbury and beyond’

12.15 Discussion and Q&A

12.45 Lunch (not provided)

13:45 Panel 2: Originals, versions and copies  

13.45 Carmen Bambach (The Metropolitan Museum, New York) – ‘The St Anne Burlington cartoon: function, provenance and dating’ 

14.15 Caroline Campbell and Larry Keith (National Gallery, London) – ‘Some observations on the provenance and conservation history of the London Virgin of the Rocks

14.45 Pietro Marani (Università Cattolica, Politecnico, Milan) – ‘Clarifications and novelties on the issue of the copy of the Last Supper at the Royal Academy  and its reception in England in the frist half of the 19th century’

15.15 Discussion and Q&A

15.45 Refreshment break

16.15 Panel 3: What was thought to be a Leonardo?

16.15 Margaret Dalivalle (Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Oxford University) – ‘Said to be of Leonard de Vincia: Or out of his Scoule: Appraising Leonardo in seventeenth-century England’

16.45 Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery, London) – ‘Sir Charles Eastlake at the National Gallery: towards a clearer picture of Leonardo as an artist' 

17.15 Discussion and Q&A




10.00 Registration

10.10 Welcome and Introduction: Juliana Barone (Birkbeck) and Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery)

10.15 Panel 1: Leonardo on art and science

10.15 J.V. Field (Birkbeck College) – ‘Leonardo's after-life in the world of new philosophy'

10.45 Domenico Laurenza (Museo Galileo, Florence) – ‘Leonardo’s science in 17th - 18th-century England' 

11.15 Discussion and Q&A

11.30 Refreshment break

12.00 Panel 2: Around the Treatise on Painting

12.00 Juliana Barone (Birkbeck College) – ‘The Treatise on Painting: British collectors’ manuscript copies and the first English printed edition’

12.30 Harry Mount (Oxford Brookes, Oxford) – ‘Leonardo’s Treatise and the empirical undertow in British art theory'  

13.00 Discussion and Q&A

13.15 Lunch (provided)

14.15 Panel 3: Teaching and theoretical knowledge

14.15  Charles Saumarez Smith (Royal Academy, London) – ‘Leonardo’s legacy in London:  the teaching programme at the Royal Academy’

14.45 Francesco Galluzzi (Accademia Belle Arti, Carrara) – ‘Alexander Cozens, Leonardo da Vinci and landscape painting in England between the 18th and 19th century’

15.15 Discussion and Q&A

15.30 Refreshment break

16.00 Panel 4: Re-reading Leonardo

16.00 Francesca Fiorani (University of Virginia, Virginia) – ‘Kenneth Clark’s Leonardo’

16.30 Alessandro Nova (Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence) – ‘John Shearman’s Leonardo’

17.00 Claire Farago (University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado) – ‘Re-reading Richter and MacCurdy: Lessons in translation’

17.30 Discussion and Q&A / Concluding remarks

With special thanks to: Monica Taddei, The Biblioteca Leonardiana, Vinci, and to Jean-Luc Baroni

With grateful thanks to: the National Gallery, Birkbeck, University of London, the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence, the Warburg Institute, the British Museum, the Paul Mellon Centre for British Art and the Leonardo da Vinci Society in London.